5 Fun (and Functional) Shih Tzu Clothes and Accessories

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If you have a Shih Tzu, you’ll agree that our pets are delightful, adorable, and simply some of the most wonderful dogs around. And because we love them so much, we always want them to have the very best of everything—and that includes clothing and accessories. Some of our favorite Shih Tzu clothes not only look extremely cute but also enhance our dogs’ lives by keeping them warm or otherwise comfortable. Here are our top picks for fashionable and functional items.

Best for Cold Weather: Gooby Every Day Fleece Dog Vest


A dog vest can help your Shih Tzu be more comfortable in cold or rainy weather. This vest can be worn outdoors to keep your dog protected from the elements, and it can help provide a little more insulation for him indoors if he likes to lounge on the cold floor or gets chilled by air conditioning.  As with all pet clothing, it’s helpful to compare your pet’s measurements to the manufacturer’s size guide to find the correct Shih Tzu clothes size.

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