Dog Dad Takes Winter Fun to Next Level With Backyard Doggy Snow Park [Video]

For years every winter, dog dad Brian Einarson of Winnipeg, Manitoba has painstakingly crafted a snow tunnel paradise for his three dogs, Tino, Loki, and Sadie.

One time, his doggy winter snow park got some great coverage in the local news—it’s easy to see why!

Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, the dogs love running through over 60 feet of tunnels and climbing on the rounded hilltops. Even Tino the pug gets to be king of the mountain sometimes!

It’s fun for the dogs, fun to watch, and makes the winter fly by, according to Brian. All it takes is some snow, a shovel, your creativity, and what appear to be a handful of flaming hot Cheetos.

Hat tip: CBC

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