The 9 Best Dog Towels for Bath Time, Wet Walks, and Muddy Paws

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As many pet parents know, a good dog towel is useful for a lot of reasons. They’re handy in the car to keep fur and pet hair off the upholstery. They’re great to have on hand after a day at the beach or a long hike. They’re oh-so-practical stashed by the back door to wipe down your pet’s legs and paws after a rainy walk. And even after a good old-fashioned bath (and your pet’s obligatory shake), they’re wonderful for cutting down on the dreaded wet dog smell.

Whatever your needs may be, there’s a dog towel to help wipe up your dog’s messes to get back to playtime. We’ve rounded up the ten best dog towels that we’ve found for tackling wet fur, muddy paws, and the wide range of messes a pet can make.

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