Giving Up Clay Clumping Litter? These Are the Best Alternative and Natural Litters

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If clay clumping litter is frustrating you (or your cat), it might be time to check out an alternative cat litter. Quite a few natural litters are available these days, and we’ve found—and checked out—some of the best options. Plus, we’ve gathered some tips on how to help your cat make a smooth transition to a new type of litter.

The Downsides of Clay Cat Litter

Clay litter revolutionized the cat litter market in the 1980s. Suddenly, instead of dealing with a few pounds of increasingly wet, smelly sand in the cat box, you could simply scoop a few neat little clumps of waste. That left a clean, dry, and very appealing litter box for your fussy cat—and a sweet-smelling house for you.

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