Can a Cat Grass Kit Save Your Houseplants from Your Cat?

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I have slowly been replacing my live plants with fake plants, thanks to my cats. Well, one of my cats in particular: Lewis. Lewis loves anything green. If he can’t eat it, he wants to shred it. He tries to steal carrot tops and spinach bunches out of the grocery bags. He will spend hours wondering how he can leap to a shelf to get to a tasty-looking bouquet. In order to quell Lewis’s lust for greens, I have often bought him those little planters of cat grass from the pet store. He meows excitedly at them and then . . . completely ignores them while I sadly watch my $10 quickly wither and die.

Fellow Rover tester Kelsey was in a similar predicament. Her cat Bueller often expresses dissatisfaction through violence—plant violence. His anger had been too much for countless succulents, and the recent murder of a beloved palm convinced Kelsey she needed an alternative.

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