Are Cat Exercise Wheels Worth the Money, and Will Your Cat Use One?

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Cat exercise wheels can provide both entertainment and exercise for cats. For pet parents with hyperactive kitties to entertain—or more sedentary cats who could use more exercise—they sound like a brilliant solution. But cat exercise wheels are no small commitment; they’re big and expensive. Lots of prospective buyers wonder: Will cats actually use them? Are they safe? And can they really help a cat lose weight or burn off extra energy? We asked veterinary experts to get some answers.

How Cat Exercise Wheels Work

Cat exercise wheels come in different designs, but most generally feature a 30+ inch wheel mounted on a sturdy base. The interior of the wheel is lined with sisal or low-pile carpeting for traction, and when a cat hops inside and walks, the wheel rotates like a treadmill. Some cat exercise wheels are open on both sides, and some just one. They are generally made of plastic, wood, or composite.

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