How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

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Pet insurance is a hot topic among pet parents these days—but you might be surprised by the huge differences between what your friends, neighbors, and favorite influencers tell you they’re paying for it. Why are everybody’s rates different? And what can you expect to pay?

The truth is that pet insurance costs can vary wildly from pet to pet depending on a few key factors. Your pet’s breed, their age, and your geographic location can produce rates ranging from $120 to $1,200 or more per year. We’ve provided information to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, how pet insurance companies calculate your rates, and what you can do to bring your premiums down.

How Much Will You Pay for Pet Insurance?

Your pet insurance premiums—the amount you pay your insurance company every month—can be anything from $10 per month to $100 and up. How much you pay will depend on your pet’s circumstances, your provider, and the customizations you make to your plan.

You can get a quick ballpark number by entering your zip code and your pet’s basic info and comparing quotes from a range of popular providers.

That’s a good starting point, but it’s not the whole picture. Before you buy a policy, you’ll likely consider add-ons, choose your deductible and reimbursement rates, and select the best policy for your particular needs and goals—all things that can bump your rate up or down from those initial figures.

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