Dash Dog Treat Maker: Making Homemade Dog Treats Convenient and Easy

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I love baking. I’m always ready to whip up something sweet, whether that’s brownies, cookies, muffins, or breads; just toss me the chocolate chips, and let’s go! But as a dog parent, I always feel a slight twinge of guilt when my dogs look on longingly as I’m whipping up something I can’t share with them. I’ve thought about making homemade dog treats, but I never found the time with a busy schedule.

Recently, my dog Lucy started showing signs of a poultry allergy, so I’ve been obsessive about checking ingredient labels on treats at the store. Unfortunately, this has limited our treat options, so I started looking for alternatives. And then I learned about Dash’s Dog Treat Maker, and a whole new world opened up for Lucy and me.  

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