Tips for Tidy Ears—the Best Cat Ear Cleaners

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At the moment my cats have remarkably clean ears. This was not always the case, however. Over the years they’ve managed to get every ear problem imaginable, from infected cuts and yeast infections to dermatitis and gunk. As a result, we have a cabinet full of cat ear cleaners, plus some ear wipes.

Why and When to Clean Your Cat’s Ears

The insides of a cat’s ears can be a breeding ground for infections. While some lucky cats have clean ears that need no attention, others seem to be prone to collecting dirt and wax. That’s especially true if your cat has a history of ear irritations or infections. If that’s the case, you may have to clean your cat’s ears regularly. This article from PetMD details why, as well as how to approach cleaning. Fortunately, cleaning your cat’s ears is not difficult, especially if they are already accustomed to being groomed.

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